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Who is the Threat Intel Community for?

We firmly believe it’s vital for the safety of the internet to share malicious activity. You may be someone who isn’t hugely technical but wants to report a single spam email that you’ve received. Alternatively, you may want to increase the reach of your current threat-researching activities. Either way, there's a place to share…

by The Spamhaus TeamAugust 09, 20231 minutes reading time

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Casual users – one-off submissions

Casual users – one-off submissions

If you are getting spam emails or have seen a phishing website, you can report these to Spamhaus. You don’t need to be an expert in IPs or Domains or have in-depth knowledge of the internet to make a submission.

Simply complete this form and submit. Your submission will be queried against our current datasets to see if our threat hunters have already detected what you’ve submitted. Where it hasn’t been detected, e.g., a domain isn't currently in our datasets, we will submit that domain for analysis.

Regular contributors

If you want to contribute regularly because, in your everyday role, or spare time, you research IPs, domains, or URLs associated with malicious behavior and want to share that intelligence with a broader audience, you can create an account.

All you need to do is authenticate here and start making contributions. You can create one-off submissions or use the API for multiple ones.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.