The Spamhaus Project


What will happen with my submission?

At Spamhaus, we value every piece of data shared with us. Currently, we (and our algorithms) are learning from your submissions. Through manual reviews and automatic reprocessing, we're discovering how best we can feedback on your data.

by The Spamhaus TeamAugust 10, 20231 minutes reading time

How we use your data

As we journey together through this portal process the way in which we use your data is one that's evolving - hence why we're in beta.

Currently, our team of researchers, using manual and automated techniques, are reviewing your submissions. Where appropriate, if we detect any malicious or suspicious activity, we may list IP addresses, source email addresses, domains and URLs in our DNSBLs.

We also may make elements of your submissions available via an API focused on providing signal and reputation relating to IPs and domains to users. In this dataset your signal will be noted as having been observed by the community.

By clicking ‘Submit’ or using the API you confirm that you’ve read and agree to our Website and Submission Terms and Conditions.

Please note... You should not report a crime to the Spamhaus in this way. Please contact law enforcement in your own country.